Be Big, Be Bold. Be Brave. Have a BLaST at Division B!

Division B Governor and Distinguished Toastmaster Katrina (better known as JJ) Letargo has been having a blast the last 14 years as a Toastmaster.

She invites you to get the most out of your Toastmasters experience and have a BLaST.

The word BLaST takes on a new meaning this term as Division B's theme:
Building Leaders and Speakers Together

More than just being a theme, it's a program that will enable our fellow Toastmasters to:

Be Big.Be Bold. Be Brave.
* Be Big in building club membership and achieve DCP goals
* Be Bold in joining speech contests and gain confidence in speaking
* Be Brave in taking on leadership roles and increase leadership potential

The BLAST program is really geared to build leaders and speakers in Division B. It's a task we must do Together because the district officers and club presidents can't do it alone; individual members can't do it alone. Together, we can meet our personal, club, area, and division goals; and contribute to the district's goals as well.