Division B to BLaST through the District Convention in Bohol

Division B delegates fly off to Bohol this week to be a big, bold, brave force in Toastmaster District 75's 2010 Convention.

Governor Katrina Letargo leads the team of representatives, which include speech contestants who bested the best speakers of the division.

Be there.
Here's what you can expect to enjoy in the convention:


8:00AM Registration of Delegates
10:00AM Contest Briefing
10:30AM Assembly for the Opening
11:00AM Opening Ceremony
Processional (Recommended Attire: Gray or Black Business Attire)
Welcome Address
Keynote Speech - DTM Keith Ostergard, International Director
12:00 NN Lunch
1:00-2:30 Speech to Evaluate Contest
2:30-3:30 Educational Session with International Director Keith Ostergard
3:30-4:00 Snacks
4:00-5:00pm Educational Sessions wtih DTM BAby Luat and DTM Dina Louis (Simultaneous)
5:00-6:00 Candidates' Showcase
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00-7:30 Assembly
7:30-10:00PM A Rated X Evening (REcommended Attire: Black Baron/ Suit with Red Tie for men, Red Gown for women)
District Governor's Message
Loboc Children's Choir Mini Concert
Ballroom Dancing

7:30-8:00 Assembly
8:00-9:00 Table Topics Contest
9:30 10:00 Snacks
9:30-11:00 Humorous Speech Contest
11:00-12:00 C&L Awarding
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Business Meeting and Election of Officers
2:30-2:45 Snacks
2:45-5:00 International Speech Contest
5:00-6:00 Acknowledgments
Discon 2011 Preview
Educational Awards
Announcement of International Contest Winners
Closing Ceremonies
Exit of Colors
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00 Poolside Fellowship (Recommended Attire: Hot Sizzling White over skimpy bikini or trunks)
Beer Drinking Contest
Mr. & Ms. TM
Group Presentations
Announcement of Elected District Officers
Awarding of Winners
Live Band


7:00-8:00AM Church Service
8:00-9:00AM Breakfast
Preparation for Tour
Check-out for those leaving on this date
9:00-3:00PM Tour
Baclayon Church
Blood Compact
Tarsier Watching at Loboc
Loboc River Cruise with Lunch
Butterfly Sanctuary
Chocolate Hills

Block the date - April 10, 2010

Clue: Remove all the numbers below to find out:

Third and Last Speechcraft Session with ATD on March 27

They have not invented enough words to articulate my appreciation to all those who have helped in the last 2 Speechcraft sessions with ATD. Thanks to JJ Letargo, Jazz Encarnacion, Jun Roy, Lisa Romatate, Aida Valles, Boom San Agustin, Jenny Monastrial, Pat Pascua, Sheila dela Cruz, and Tisha Timbang for your generous hearts!!

It's been amazing hearing the voices, the impromptu and prepared speeches of the members of the different communities sponsored by ATD. More than the expected number of participants attended -- it turned out that the older members got interested to participate and learn even if the sessions were originally for the youth. As a result, we got a diversity of voices, and a wealth of stories that have entertained and inspired us. And yes, a number that made us cry. We also saw a lot of promising speakers whose skills truly need to be developed.

You still have a chance to hear these voices on our last meeting on March 27, 9 AM to 12 noon. The speechcrafters are preparing to share organized speeches about their dreams and aspirations. Buzz me if you're interested to participate. As soon, as I have a list of volunteers, I will come up with the line-up of speakers. (We apologize to those who volunteered for the April 10 session for the change in schedule. If you cannot adjust to the new schedule, we would understand.)

Furthermore, since this is the last day of the session, we plan to suprise them with a little party at the end. That means we need food. So far, we have volunteers for spaghetti and ice cream. Any one who wants to bring/send cake, barbecue, drinks, and other snacks? Email back or contact me through 917-8989694. We will also still welcome donations of books and school supplies, which we give away as prizes. If you donate 18 pieces of each type, we can even put together some loot bags.

Ideas on how to make this a more enriching activity are also welcome.

How great it is that Toastmasters can come together and share our time and talents.

Check out the postcard above for more details. You may also check out these links to get the background on the project:
http://tinyurl. com/speechcraft
http://butterntoast .blogspot. com/2010/ 02/happy- ticket.html

Areas 13, 14, 15, and 16 hold speech contests on March 13,

Will it be fun or fierce? Or both? Who will sizzle, and who will fizzle? Who will be declared as the areas best speakers?

Be there on March 13 to find out!

Contestants and judges are expected to arrive 1 hour before the event.

ATD Speechcrafters Deliver Their Icebreaker Speeches

Join us in this worthwhile project. On March 6, Saturday, 9 AM to 12 noon, we will have the second session of our CSR project, a Speechcraft program for select participants from the ATD communities of:

  • North Cemetery - these are the people who actually reside in the cemetery, some as caretakers and some as unofficial residents
  • Hilum and Lozada in Pandacan,
  • Ilalim ng Tulay (Under the Bridge) at Quirino Avenue in Paco

March 6 promises to be interesting as the participants will deliver their icebreaker speeches. One of them will talk about how a blind man courted her, and another one will talk about the experience of having their under-the-bridge homes demolished.

Let's work together to give underprivileged individuals a voice.

We also still welcome donations in cash and kind -- for food during the sessions, and various school and office supplies as prizes. Please get in touch with Gege Sugue, through 917-8989694 to volunteer and contribute.

Congratulations to the Contest Winners

Division B Launches its CSR Project

Division B's Big, Bold, brave plans include projects that can benefit underprivileged communities. Its mission is for Toastmasters to work together in projects that will enable them to share their time, talent, knowledge, and heart so that underprivileged individuals can improve their communication skills and enjoy positive change in their lives.

Our first CSR project aims to fulfill this mission.

On 3 Saturday mornings, February 27, March 6, and April 10, we will hold Speechcraft sessions in the Pandacan office of ATD, All Together in Dignity. ATD is an international organization working with the community to eradicate poverty from this planet. It's a group that does not believe in dole-outs. Their projects are those that give persons living with poverty a voice. We know that money talks. So the one without money can't be heard. ATD wants to change that through projects that allow the community members to speak through art, fora, livelihood projects, and other events that enable them to speak up, to share their experiences, their views, their aspirations.

Speechraft participants will be underprivileged youth from different ATD assisted communities.

Join us by volunteering to take on a role in one or more of the Speechraft sessions.

Sign up. Show up. Speak up so that others may speak too.

Contact Assistant Governor for Marketing Gege Sugue to volunteer or inquire:

Check out Gege Sugue's speech to learn more about this project.