ATD Speechcrafters Deliver Their Icebreaker Speeches

Join us in this worthwhile project. On March 6, Saturday, 9 AM to 12 noon, we will have the second session of our CSR project, a Speechcraft program for select participants from the ATD communities of:

  • North Cemetery - these are the people who actually reside in the cemetery, some as caretakers and some as unofficial residents
  • Hilum and Lozada in Pandacan,
  • Ilalim ng Tulay (Under the Bridge) at Quirino Avenue in Paco

March 6 promises to be interesting as the participants will deliver their icebreaker speeches. One of them will talk about how a blind man courted her, and another one will talk about the experience of having their under-the-bridge homes demolished.

Let's work together to give underprivileged individuals a voice.

We also still welcome donations in cash and kind -- for food during the sessions, and various school and office supplies as prizes. Please get in touch with Gege Sugue, through 917-8989694 to volunteer and contribute.